These are a most critical component of any shielding installation. We design and build a variety of types – hinged or sliding; manual or power operated.

Part of our design philosophy is to reduce maintenance requirements to a minimum and for RF doors, to ensure the shielding performance will be sustained during the lifetime of the door – of particular relevance for busy MRI Rooms. To ensure we deliver consistently high performing doors, We custom designs and builds doors for each application – whether an RF, radiation or EMP1 risk.

Also available are blast proof and gastight types doors for CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear, enhanced) type situations.

Doors are supplied with the appropriate interlocks, manual latching (standard) and micro-switch for connection to ‘power off’ circuits. Apart from our specialist doors, we also provide conventional ‘Code’ lead lined doors when required.

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Shielded Doors
Shielded Doors