General Purpose EMI Filters

General purpose EMI filters with IEC inlet, fuse and switch. Low leakage current and reliable.

Applications: Personal computers, monitors and displays, PC peripherals, instruments, household appliances…

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General Purpose EMI Filters
General Purpose EMI Filters

Powerline Filters

Comprehensive series including; Standard range, very high current, extended performance, single and 3 Phase ranges, AC/DC, multiple-line, low leakage and 400 kHz designs.

Applications: Shielded rooms, tactical and mobile shelters, computer suites, industrial power cabinets, EMC, EMP, RÖS and TEMPEST protection of installations…

Telephone Line Filters

High and extended performance designs in standard enclosures from 2 to 240 lines.

Applications: Shielded rooms, communication cabins, signal lines, EMP, RÖS and TEMPEST protection systems…

Data Line Filters

High performance ranges for digital and analogue circuits.

Applications: Shielded rooms, data security, communication cabins, signal lines, TEMPEST, RÖS, EMC, EMP protection systems, including ISDN, RS232, RS422 and RS423 protocols…

Control Line Filters

Single line feedthrough and multi line AC/DC control line filter ranges.

Applications: Shielded rooms, low current power lines, fire, intruder, control indicator applications and general installations…

Equipment Filters

Single and 3 phase, high performance, general purpose and SMPS designs.

Applications: Switched mode power supplies, communications systems, industrial and military equipments…

Feedthrough Suppression Capacitors

AC/DC, high performance, high current, high temperature, miniature and 400 Hz capacitor ranges.

Applications: Telecoms, base stations, IT equipment, servers, medical, defence, military and general filter circuits requiring high frequency suppression…

Feedthrough Filters and Capacitors

AC/DC standard, high and extended performance, class Y2 and Y4 feedthrough filter and capacitor ranges.

Applications: Telecoms, base stations, IT equipment, servers, medical, process control, defence, power supplies and general filter circuits…

EMP, EMI and TEMPEST Protection Filters

High performance, Electro Magnetic Pulse protection, power, data, telephone and control line filters.

Applications: Lightning, EMP, Nuclear and high powered microwave EMP, RÖS, TEMPEST shelters and systems, shielded rooms, defence, telecom systems, civil and public service utilities, homeland security, secure commerce and IT installations…

HEMP Protection Filters
(MIL STD-188-125-1 and -2)

High performance, High altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse protection filters, single and 3 phase power filters.

Application: HEMP protection of power lines for military, tactical shelters, homeland defence, key commercial infrastructure, fixed installations, secure commerce, IT/telecoms installations…

Military Vehicle Filter Solutions

Standard 2 line, multi line filters, high current feedthrough capacitors or customized solutions to satisfy the specification and performance requirements of the respective vehicle and equipment.

Applications: To assist equipment on military vehicles to meet DEF STAN 59-411 and MIL-STD-461 EMC compliance, including single and multi speed motors, air conditioning systems, blower motors, windscreen wiper motors, alternators, generators, actuators, engine management, equipment power…

Product Customisation

If a standard product does not manage to satisfy a customers requirements a design and manufacture of custom solutions that will solve the problem, both technically and commercially.