Choice of gaskets – what you must think about

Shielding gaskets

  • Create space for mounting the gasket
  • How should it be mounted? (PDF)
  • How often will the lid/door be open?
  • Material in the application, material thickness.
    Think about bi-metallic corrosion (PDF).
  • Shielding performance
  • Cost aspects – Volume production? Small series?
    Storage time? Tooling costs?
  • Fulfillment of standards
  • Environmental requirements, IP Ratings


  • Have early thoughts about how your product must be shielded. Very often is it late and that creates problems and also more expensive.
  • A gasket should be compressed about 15-30 %.
  • Use mechanical compression stops.
  • Tolerances are different in hard materials comparing with soft.
  • Ask for help from your supplier. Why not Jolex AB?
  • Ask your supplier for samples. Why not Jolex AB?

Choice of optical filters – RFI windows

Shielded windows


  • Watch out for Moiré affects when using the RFI window in a LCD application.